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Ricky Ullman Daily - A Ricky Ullman Community!
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Welcome to ricky_daily! Here you can post pictures, icons, and also show your love for the wonderful actor who is famous for starring as Roscoe in Pixel Perfect, a Disney Channel Original Movie, and as Phil in Phil Of The Future, a Disney Channel series!
Please be polite. Go ahead and join and have fun!

Ricky Ullman facts:
- Favorite color: blue.
- Graduated from Fairfield High School in Connecticut and now resides in California.
- Plays drumset and is learning guitar.
- Oldest child of three.
- Favorite foods: ice cream, pizza, and macaroni & cheese.
- Favorite scary movie: Final Destination 2.
- Pet Peeves: nails scratching the chalkboard and bottlecaps scratching on the sidewalk.
- Was class president of 2004 in high school.
- Born in Israel, January 24th.

(information taken from tvtome.com)


Phil of the Future (2004) - Phil Diffy (2004)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent - First Boy - Crazy (2002)
That's So Raven - Jake Haskell - On Top of Old Oaky (2004)
Guiding Light - Jacky (May 16, 2002)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Danny Spencer - Obscene
Searching for David's Heart (2004) - Sam Wiess
Pixel Perfect (2004) - Roscoe
The Boys of Sunset Ridge (2001) - John
Growing Up Brady (2000) - Chris Knight
Crossfire (1998) (1998) - Aziz

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